Houston is filled with different, various commercial properties throughout the city. From public libraries to giant venues that house thousands of guests at once, all of these commercial properties share one common need– security. When it comes to commercial properties that can hold a significant number of guests or have sensitive information or valuables, proper security measures must be taken. These commercial properties may be deciding which window film to go with in terms of security: ballistic resistance or bomb blast?

The Difference Between Bomb Blast and Ballistic Resistant Window Film

Bomb blast and ballistic resistant window film are both specialty security window film systems that require multiple layers of security film, an attachment system, and a glass strengthening agent. Bomb blast window film is designed specifically to better absorb the high impact caused by explosions. Ballistic resistant window film requires a thicker existing glass to be effective but is designed to better absorb the high impact from bullets. Ballistic resistant window film is a more costly option than bomb blast but does have the added benefit of being both ballistic resistant and bomb blast protective. If you’re looking for both qualities, you’ll have to pick the ballistic resistant window film. Both options offer premium security but won’t stop an assailant or robber from gaining access to your property– it’ll only slow them down.

Security Assesment for Your Houston Commercial Property

Window Film Houston is the expert in specialty security window films, having installed the most amount of ballistic resistant and bomb blast films. Work with one of our security specialists in order to find the best option for your commercial property. We’ll analyze your building with your head of security to provide the most comprehensive security assessment that defines vulnerabilities, cost-benefit analysis, best plan of action, as well as project costs.

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