Hurricane Harvey recently devastated many homes in the heart of Houston, inflicting $125 billion in damage. Unfortunately many of those homes are beyond repair, needing complete renovation or rebuilds. A significant number of homes suffered considerable hurricane damage from all the glass fragments consequent of their homes windows and glass doors. Did you know that safety and security window film can actually prevent hurricane damage? Safety and security windows films are necessary for any Houston home wanting to be better prepared for the next potential natural disaster.

Benefits of Safety and Security Window Film in Your Houston Home

Safety and security window film is a cost effective solution that enables your home to be better protected from hurricane damage, other natural disasters, break-ins, and even freak accidents. This revolutionary film protects your Houston family and home by mitigating the hazards of sharp glass due to natural and human causes. By bonding broken glass fragments together, your family and home possessions are protected from potential significant injury and damage. Flying glass is often present in hurricanes and natural disasters, making it one of the leading causes of injury and death.

Safety and security window films also protect your Houston home against possible break ins and burglaries. By prolonging the life of your glass windows and doors, the most vulnerable access points in any home, it’ll give you and your family precious time to escape or hide until your help arrives.

This multi-purpose window film also protects your Houston family from harmful UV rays that can cause skin disease and the fading and discoloring of your interior furnishings!

Safety and Security Window Film Installation in Your Houston Home

Our team of experienced, local window film experts can install safety and security film in your Houston home within hours. Installation is quick and offers years of hurricane damage prevention.

Call today to schedule an in-home consultation on how safety and security and window film can protect your Houston home from hurricane damage: (346) 246-4100