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No Secured Building In Houston Is Truly Secure Without Security Film And C-bond Adhesives

Secured buildings are all around us and are the new “norm” in an era of increasing threats. They are secured to keep intruders out and the people within safe from harm. Whether that harm is in the form of a robbery, a terrorist attack or a lone gunman, secured buildings are intended to protect from maximum threats with the minimum amount of human damage. While the way secured buildings protect people from harm varies, one common and effective feature should be high-end security film and adhesives on your secured building.

“Regardless of film or adhesive, no window is 100% bulletproof or bombproof. However, windows treated with C-bond and high-performance security films can withstand high-velocity projectiles, a variety of caliber of bullets and many magnitudes of bombs.”

Most window films we carry here at Window Film Houston offer an added layer of security because they are a film protecting windows from exploding. However, when it comes to secured buildings, a higher level of security window film is needed for them to be truly safe and secure. At Window Film Houston, we offer the most effective security window films and adhesives, all of which include an application with nano-technology based adhesives like C-bond. When it comes to finding the tightest security in Houston, C-bond and high-performance films are the keys to success.

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Other popular window films for Houston secured buildings include anti-graffiti window films, energy efficient window tint, and glare reducing films.

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