Prevent Glass Collisions with Bird Strike Prevention Window Film

Large cities like Houston frequently experience glass collisions. Running into glass doors they don’t see causes serious injuries to people, animals, and kids. Glass pedestrian walkways, skywalk bridges, and overpasses can all be damaged by distracted drivers. Incredibly large numbers of birds also perish every day after flying into the windows of our buildings, both residential and commercial. Window film that prevents bird strikes offers Houston residents and businesses a way to reduce the risk of glass-on-glass accidents and make buildings safer overall. For difficult-to-see windows, sliding patio doors, glass entrances, elevators, skyways, and more, they are the perfect solution.

The Benefits of Bird Strike Prevention Film

Window film is a way to allow birds better access and visibility of windows without risk. The special design allows them see what’s happening inside the home, which prevents any accidents from occurring due in part by making it difficult for these creatures who are often attracted by shiny objects like reflective glass or mirrors found on human-made structures such as residential homes where they may fly into one if not seen beforehand!

Make Your Home Windows A Bird-Friendly Environment

How does bird strike window film work to avoid crashing into your family home windows? The thin sheets of window film slide over the surface and pose as an obstacle for birds, who cannot see through them. This protects homes from damage caused by collisions and allows birds to be able to differentiate windows and other spaces they can fly through.

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Now Offering Bird Divert in Houston!

Bird Divert, offered by Window Film Houston, is a groundbreaking bird safety window film designed to prevent bird collisions. With advanced UV technology, it’s visible to birds but invisible to humans. Endorsed by experts and compliant with local laws, Bird Divert is a vital solution for protecting birds and property aesthetics.


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