The Benefits Of Privacy Window Film For Commercial Spaces In Houston

Window film is an amazing technology keeping up with the needs of the ever-changing world and improving lives.   It is invisible protection for people designed to make their lives better, most of the time without them even knowing it is there. While it is known as a powerful solar control tool and crime deterrent,  there are numerous other applications for window film including privacy. These privacy benefits are particularly useful for commercial properties here in Houston and across the country. Read below to find out why.  

Window Film For Office Privacy In Commercial Spaces

Privacy window film is perfect for commercial spaces primarily, as mentioned, for its ability to give much-needed privacy to nearly any glassed-in area of a commercial space.  From cubicles to office fronts and retail windows to restaurant booths, privacy window film works wonders on all of them. No matter which type of commercial space you are looking to make more private, window film is a cost-effective way to get the job done and get it done in style–with no sacrifice of natural light.

Privacy Window Film For Branding

While privacy window film is very good at stopping unwanted looks out of your commercial space, it pulls double duty as a branding mechanism. No matter what level of privacy or branding message you may nee,  privacy window film will accommodate it with many options for textures, colors, and patterns. It is easy to get creative with these film and/or find something that works wonderfully for you!

Privacy Window Film For Modern Decor

Customization on commercial rental space is difficult to do without making expensive and/or permanent alterations.  Also, most landlords prohibit doing so in the lease. And, of course, If you are a landlord, you want to allow your tenants to make the space their own but not with anything permanent.  For this reason, privacy window film is great for both tenants and landlords. It allows all the customization a tenant wants: trendy patterns or timeless textures but is easily removed.  

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Mike Kinsey is the Operations Manager for the largest and most successful window tinting company in the Houston area. Mike has been cultivating his knowledge of window film products for over 15 years and is familiar with top brands such as LLumar, C-Bond, Solyx, and Vista as well as the latest trends and innovations in security, privacy, and energy efficient technology. Since he started working in the industry, he has overseen the installation of over 250,000 square feet of film for residential and commercial buildings of all types. His impressive portfolio and years of experience make him one of the top professionals in the field and are backed by official certifications from 3M, EnerLogic, and AIA for continuing education.