As the Houston “stay at home” order comes to an end, it is time for businesses to prepare for re-opening. While this is good news for the community, businesses need to be aware of what will be required of them during COVID-19. Our local and federal government will be issuing mandated health and safety regulations, and it will be up to local businesses to make sure they are compliant. This means that if your business does a subpar job at enforcing these regulations, you could potentially create safety hazards, be held liable to lawsuits, and postpone the opening of your business. Fortunately, there is an easy solution for Houston businesses to stay compliant. Window Film Houston’s Social distancing graphics and safety evaluations will help your business properly enforce safety regulations and keep your community safe, limit liability, and keep your business up-to-date with new regulations.

Give Your Houston Business The Advantage

As new regulations are mandated, our safety solutions can help your business be light on its feet and quickly adapt to any situation. While other businesses are worried about staying compliant, you can be worry free and focus on running your business. After a thorough safety evaluation, we will develop a safety plan tailored to your business. This plan will then be put into place with customizable graphics. Our professional team can install these graphics on virtually any surface, providing your business with clear warning signs, safety procedures, and reminders. If you need graphics replaced, no problem. Our team can seamlessly remove graphics from any surface. Our safety solutions may be the easiest solution for Houston businesses to remain compliant, protect our community, and limit liability.

Bathroom, Hand Washing Reminders:


Aisle, Walkway, and Directional Graphics:

Comply with safety regulations by clearly directing foot traffic throughout your facility.

Check-Out Line Graphics:

Enforce appropriate social distancing in check-out lines.

Door Graphics:

Install caution/ warning signs for mandatory mask areas, and other reminders.


Have Houston’s Preferred Surface Graphic Experts Help You.

Window film Houston is dedicated to protecting our community and slowing the spread. That is why we are excited to offer free virtual consultations and continue operating during normal business hours. Do your part in protecting our community today.

For more information on social distancing surface graphics and safety evaluations, please contact us!

Mike Kinsey is the Operations Manager for the largest and most successful window tinting company in the Houston area. Mike has been cultivating his knowledge of window film products for over 15 years and is familiar with top brands such as LLumar, C-Bond, Solyx, and Vista as well as the latest trends and innovations in security, privacy, and energy efficient technology. Since he started working in the industry, he has overseen the installation of over 250,000 square feet of film for residential and commercial buildings of all types. His impressive portfolio and years of experience make him one of the top professionals in the field and are backed by official certifications from 3M, EnerLogic, and AIA for continuing education.