Houston has some of the most diverse residential neighborhoods. The various architecture ranges from contemporary to Spanish, providing gorgeous curb appeal and visual interest. One thing these homes all have in common is the prevalent concern of bird collisions. Bird collisions can happen to anyone with clear glass windows in their home. These incidents can be really stressful and disconcerting for certain individuals, leading to unsightly cleanups and glass damages. Bird strike prevention window film offers a great way to defend your home from these incidents.

The Advantages of Bird Strike Prevention Window Film for Your Houston Home

Bird strike prevention window film, also known as fritted window film, is an affordable way to prevent bird collisions. Fritted window film costs a fraction of authentic fritted glass and is much easier and quicker to install. Rather than replacing all the glass in your home, window film provides an option that’s just as effective. Bird strike prevention window film has subtle decals throughout that work together to create a reflective look. The patterns are only visible when you’re up close and your windows have a subtle reflective quality once installed. This specialty window film reduces cleanup, prevents glass damage, and promotes bird conservation. Fritted window film provides a quick, affordable way to keep your home peaceful and stress-free.

Work with Houston’s Preferred Bird Strike Prevention Experts

Window Film Houston is honored to be the preferred bird strike prevention experts in the Houston area. We have the largest selection of residential and commercial fritted window films. Work with our window film contractors to find the perfect solution for your property. We’re happy to provide free consultations to better determine your exact needs and priorities.

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