As window film gains in popularity for Houston businesses, it’s significant to understand all the components and process in order to get the most out of your investment. Window film provides a cost-effective solution for numerous issues your business may face including glare, energy efficiency, privacy, promotional, safety and security, and much more. Window Film Houston incorporates C-Bond glass strengthening agent into all our window film projects in order to promote better application, installation, and prolonged product life.

Benefits of C-Bond Glass Strengthening Agent for Houston Businesses

C-Bond glass strengthener is engineered to add complete strength, durability, and flexibility to your original glass surfaces. This revolutionary product penetrates glass directly in its pores in order to enhance your glass’ molecular structure. The result is improved shatter resistance– making ballistic-resistant and bomb-blast security film systems possible. When C-Bond is combined with multiple layers of security film, the most vulnerable areas of your Houston business are protected from natural disasters, gunfire, explosions, hail, high-speed winds, and much more. When utilizing C-Bond with any other types of window film solutions, business owners will experience quicker installation and cure times. C-Bond also ensures that no moisture or dirt can get trapped in between your original glass surfaces and your window film investment.

Installation Process for C-Bond Glass Strengthening Agent for Your Houston Business

C-Bond is applied in liquid form directly onto intended glass surfaces prior to window film installation. Window Film Houston always incorporates C-Bond glass strengthening agent in every window film project for better application, prolonged results, and improved adhesion. The added safety measure of broken glass hazard mitigation can improve every business in any industry throughout the Houston area.

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