Houston homeowners agree that it can be difficult keeping your home at a consistent, comfortable temperature year round. With seasonal weather extremes, HVAC and home heating systems can have trouble keeping up leading to high energy costs. Did you know that 30% of all heating and cooling efforts go right out your windows? Window replacement upgrades are often costly and offer unforeseen prices and lengthy remodeling time. Fortunately, Llumar offers a cost-effective window film solution that blocks heat and UV rays in your Houston home.

Llumar Window Film Benefits in Houston Homes

Llumar window film offers high solar heat rejection properties, meaning Houston homeowners can save up to 40% on annual energy costs. These window films eliminate hot/cold spots while maintaining a more consistent, comfortable internal temperature for you and your family. Llumar window film also can block up to 99% of harmful UV rays that are responsible for fading floors, discoloring furniture, premature aging, as well as significant skin and eye disease. Additionally, Llumar window films can reduce glare by up to 87%, optimizing the comfort of your home. By lowering energy consumption, therefore your carbon footprint, Llumar window film is a great ROI.

Installing Llumar Window Film in Houston Homes

Our team of experienced, local window film experts make the installation process quick and easy, ensuring you’re able to immediately benefit from Llumar window film’s great heat and UV blocking properties. Our experts can help you choose the right Llumar window film series that compliments your home and offers the right benefits for your family. We complete residential projects quick and efficiently, guaranteeing no downtime in your Houston home. We install Llumar window films with a special adhesive that prolongs product life and can’t be compromised by young children or pets.

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