It’s sad to think that anyone would go as far as harming some place as sacred and peaceful as a church. Churches are vital to the communities they serve; they provide food, shelter, comfort, and many other services that the benefit families and communities as a whole.

Nevertheless, in past years, the number of violent attacks on churches in the US has increased exponentially. As a result, many church board members are searching for better ways to protect their community and keep their property safe. Bomb blast protection window films provide Houston churches with a solution for improving church security and protecting congregation members from floods, violence, and life-threatening situations.

Bomb Blast Protection Window Film – What Is It?

Bomb blast protection window film is a precautionary method of security that helps protect buildings from severe impact, such as blasts and explosions. Sheets of thick polyester are layered and bonded together, then applied to glass areas on doors and windows using attachment devices and a specialized primer that works as a bonding agent. Once adhered to glass, bomb blast window films take the brunt force of impact, preventing windows from receiving the full force themselves and thereby reduce the likelihood of breakage.

Broken glass from windows can create life threatening injuries. Especially if it’s catapulted across the room at high speeds as the result of an explosion. Bomb blast window films help secure glass safely within its frame, preventing life-threatening injuries.

Funding for Bomb Blast Window Films

Many churches know that they need better security, but aren’t sure how to procure it due to lack of financial resources. However, many churches in similar situations have found a way around this by conducting their own fundraising. Some options for procuring funds including requesting donations, holding a fundraising event, or starting a crowdfunding campaign. Raising funds for improvements to your church is definitely possible, you just have to be creative. And your members will be happy that you are being considerate of their safety.

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